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Having played with the original Loot Roll mechanic, having such a wide range where you don't find something useful fits the themes of Zombie Survival / The Last of Us very well. I could see keeping the d20 as the die to roll, while adding additional complications for low rolls and expanding the items that are found.

Maybe something like:

1: Something really bad happens - You find nothing useful. Suffer 1 Stress. Add a complication to the current scene and the next scene.

2-3: Trouble is Coming - You find nothing useful. Add a complication to the next scene.

4-5: Trouble is Here - You find nothing useful. Add a complication to the current scene.

6-9: You find nothing useful. Describe your search in a way that moves the story forward without a complication.

10-11: You get a d4 depletable item.

12-13: You get a d6 depletable item.

14-15: You get a d8 depletable item.

16-17: You get a d10 depletable item.

18-19: You get a d12 depletable item.

20: You Get a Single-use d20 item. Remove it from your backpack after a use.

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